Splendid location, just a few metres from the town centre, 18 apartments for rent (two- three- and four-room) starting at 250,000 euros with garage.

    Before the lower Langa encounters the farthest edge of the Monferrato, Castiglione Tinella, Unesco World Heritage candidate for its beauty and uniqueness, appears up above. At the outer border of the Province of Cuneo, the town is 90 km from Cuneo and Torino and 25 km from Alba and Asti.
    Approximately 900 people populate the 12 square km municipality, located at 408 meters above sea level and comprising a central cluster and multiple neighbourhoods, one the site of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio.
    The territory is entirely composed of hills, while vineyards are grown on over 90% of the workable land, making it among the most densely cultivated in Italy. From its highest point three major ridges branch out, divided by two cliffs known as “badie” descending towards the Tinella and Balbo valleys, with minor ridges branching out from the latter.
    The scrubs - or “rive” - and the few poplars that remain among the vineyards are home to the precious tartufo d’ Alba (truffle), a leading character in our autumn cuisine.
    In addition to viticulture, there are other important activities in the area; with its agriculture, arts and crafts CastiglioneTinella offers honey, flour, typical pasta and sweets, handmade ceramics, paintings and drawings.